Yves Klein Blue (IKB) Revisited

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Portrait of a Disjointed Megalopolis

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Small City, Bright Networks

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The Meaning of Poverty in a Values-based Environment

'Daughters', a painting by Shakuntala Patade

Poverty is often defined as the lack of access to basic needs, such as food, water and healthcare. What I find particular of this definition is that it can essentially be applied to all biological species, while saying very little about the specific needs of the human condition. I propose that the evolutionary tree of life can be used as a measure to discern the basic needs as they apply to human beings. The purpose of this proposition is to conceive a meaningful set of reference points that fit the way that our environment of human activity is transitioning to. Central to this transition is the movement from an environment where money is a mechanism that acts as an impersonal mediator of labour to one that is based on the values that we share upon our qualitative attention and understanding of our surroundings. continue reading »

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“Sharing Experiences about Child Development” Workshop Report 02-10-2012


What if we become aware of the unique and individual ways with which each of us engage with children? Are we able to be consciously attend which values are cultural and which are practical during the act of raising children? Do our views and perceptions of the environment necessarily fit the way the next generation of individuals perceive their surroundings? These are all questions that arise when envisioning the process of sharing one’s experiences about child development with the public domain. Together with a Social Media advisor, a Social Entrepreneur, a Coach and Research in higher education and a Business Consultant, we discussed the added values of making such experiences useful in situations where parent-child relations can seem rather difficult. continue reading »

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“Sharing Experiences about Child Development” Workshop, 2 October 2012

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Het doel van deze workshop serie is om een universeel toegankelijk platform te ontwikkelen waarmee ouders en diensverleners hun ervaringen kunnen delen over hun rol bij de ontwikkeling van kinderen. Het toegankelijk maken van deze ervaringen voor de mensen in de sociale omgeving van een kind kan namelijk helpen met inzichtelijk handelen in situaties die moeilijk of problematisch worden geacht. Het is ook een lerend platform, waarbij het proces van delen kan leiden tot inzichten die op de langere termijn ten gunste staan van de ontwikkeling van het kind.

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Amsterdam Cityscapes Summer 2012

Sunset over the Ij, Amsterdam
Sunset over the Ij, Amsterdam Sunset over the Ij, Amsterdam Sunset over the Ij, Amsterdam

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Creative Control


Franz Reichert, an Austrian costume designer demonstrating his attempt for manned flight in 1912 by jumping off the Eiffel tower in a bird-like costume.

A while ago, I had a conversation with an art academy lecturer about the emergence of the scientific method, a method for inquiry that aims to let reality speak for itself, for the purpose of either proving or disproving a theory on those merits. I started with a story about Francis Bacon, the UK philosopher who conceived this method as a set of procedures that involves systematic observation, measurement and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses. Like with every first step, the ideas that are conceived using a new method or way of thinking are highly prototypical. One simply needs to look at the first ideas for manned fight, in terms of the death rate that was caused by the first experiments, to understand the bravery (or naivety) to engage in these first steps. continue reading »

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The Amstel as a Frozen River of Snow

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A theme for 2012: Out with the Old and In With the New

I have a theme,
and not a resolution for 2012:

Out with the old
and in with the new.

“The 21th century will be the age of the ordinary people”. I’m not sure who said this, but I view this as the area where the opportunities lie in developing activities that can provide for your needs. Much lies ahead to operate on your talents in a self-sufficient manner. The current state of digital technologies enable us to produce and bring our products to the public for substantially lower operational costs than ever before. Nowadays, it could be said that the ingredients are available to run an office or media production studio almost autonomously, meaning that they don’t necessarily require power from an energy company, or big loans or savings to acquire them. However the caveat that I see is that the means are rather prototypical. continue reading »

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