Hanging around on the Edinburgh Hills


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Nightly Textures of February

Nightly Textures of February, taken in Amsterdam South-East

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Yves Klein Blue (IKB) Revisited

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Portrait of a Disjointed Megalopolis

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Small City, Bright Networks

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Amsterdam Cityscapes Summer 2012

Sunset over the Ij, Amsterdam
Sunset over the Ij, Amsterdam Sunset over the Ij, Amsterdam Sunset over the Ij, Amsterdam

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The Amstel as a Frozen River of Snow

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On Asking Questions – Thinking Styles and Educational Media

This is a “critical talk” that I gave for the exam days for the Mediatechnology studies at Leiden University. I gave this talk in response to the research results of Nisaar Jagroep’s work on the applicability of thinking styles in the design of digital media.

It’s not exactly a presentation that gives a “low profile” introduction to the subject, but it might be useful for people who are designing Educational Media or do research in the field.

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Early Spring

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Recipe for a Happy New Year

Take 12 months, clean them from envy,
bitterness, costiveness, pedantry
and divide them into 30 or 31 parts,
so that the supply is enough for one year.
Each day individually arranged from:
1 part of work and
2 parts of exhilaration and humor.
Add 3 heaped tablespoons optimism,
1 tablespoon tolerance, 1 pellet irony
and 1 pinch of time.
Then dowse the mass with
very much love all over.
The finished dish can be decorated
with posies of small attentions,
serve it daily with amusement!

Katharina Elisabeth Goethe , Goethe’s mother (1731-1808)

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