Lecture on Multidisciplinary Approaches
15 and 16 October, Baku, Azerbaijan


Contemporary challenges in innovation, technology, research and science are best served by a professional environment that can optimally facilitate interactions between a multiplicity of disciplinary skill sets. These challenges have also sparked the creation of new professional fields, such as Educational Technologies and Neuroinformatics. The Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences has invited me to speak about my experiences in working in multidisciplinary professional environments. continue reading »

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“Sharing Experiences about Child Development” Workshop Report 02-10-2012


What if we become aware of the unique and individual ways with which each of us engage with children? Are we able to be consciously attend which values are cultural and which are practical during the act of raising children? Do our views and perceptions of the environment necessarily fit the way the next generation of individuals perceive their surroundings? These are all questions that arise when envisioning the process of sharing one’s experiences about child development with the public domain. Together with a Social Media advisor, a Social Entrepreneur, a Coach and Research in higher education and a Business Consultant, we discussed the added values of making such experiences useful in situations where parent-child relations can seem rather difficult. continue reading »

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“Sharing Experiences about Child Development” Workshop, 2 October 2012

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Het doel van deze workshop serie is om een universeel toegankelijk platform te ontwikkelen waarmee ouders en diensverleners hun ervaringen kunnen delen over hun rol bij de ontwikkeling van kinderen. Het toegankelijk maken van deze ervaringen voor de mensen in de sociale omgeving van een kind kan namelijk helpen met inzichtelijk handelen in situaties die moeilijk of problematisch worden geacht. Het is ook een lerend platform, waarbij het proces van delen kan leiden tot inzichten die op de langere termijn ten gunste staan van de ontwikkeling van het kind.

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